What is "Orenda"?

The Iroquois believe orenda is a mystical power and force inherent in all nature, including humans, that makes great things possible. 

We too believe all people possess the ability to do great things and aim to inspire. 

OuR KIDS Books

Because children are the future, we started with them. We create delightful books designed to help set children up for success. Their story lines incorporate the latest research in areas like problem solving, resilience, personal development, making a difference and more. No matter the topic, all of Orenda Press' children’s books aim to develop healthier mindsets early, equipping children for happiness and success in the real world.

Philosophy & VISION

We believe people, all people, can be extraordinary and do amazing things when given the right tools—education, perspective, support, and so on.  It is our goal to provide some of those tools and deliver them in a positive way— through humorous, insightful,  and unique books. 


No life is on a set course—each of us is the architect of our own life. Whether you want to change, are dealing with something, or just need to laugh,  we strive to create books that support your goals, inspire your dreams and  give you a big kick in the pants when you need it. 

About Orenda Press 

We're a new micro-publisher that believes in the power of people and the words that inspire them.   We create one-of-a-kind books and ebooks designed to help readers of all ages become the best and happiest version of themselves.